Discover the wonders of Kenya with ease through our streamlined visa application services. Whether you’re planning a safari in Maasai Mara or exploring the beauty of Nairobi, we ensure a hassle-free process to obtain your Kenya visa. With our expert guidance, you can navigate the requirements and documentation effortlessly. Enjoy the wildlife, culture, and natural beauty of Kenya, knowing your visa is in capable hands.

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Experience the beauty of Turkey, where East meets West, with our comprehensive visa application services. Whether you’re drawn to the historic treasures of Istanbul or the stunning landscapes of Cappadocia, our team is here to assist. We offer expert guidance in completing the application, scheduling appointments, and verifying your documents. Your Turkish adventure begins with a seamless visa application process.

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Embark on a journey to the Land of the Rising Sun with our professional Japan visa application services. From Tokyo’s modern metropolis to Kyoto’s ancient temples, we’ve got you covered. Our team assists in every step of the application process, ensuring that your Japan visa is obtained efficiently. Explore this enchanting country’s rich culture and diverse landscapes, knowing your visa needs are well taken care of.

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UAE Visa

Traveling to the UAE, a vibrant blend of culture and modernity, is now simpler with our convenient visa application services. Whether you’re visiting for business opportunities in Dubai or seeking luxury tourism experiences in Abu Dhabi, we’ve got your visa needs covered. Our experienced team assists with document verification, appointment booking, and visa processing. Explore the UAE with confidence, knowing your visa is in capable hands.

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Terms and Conditions applicable for all visa

International visa/s applied through citron tourism is based on a set of terms and conditions, an agreement between customer/s and the our company. We have specifically mentioned all the T&C you need to read carefully before the application of visa through Citron Tours International visa services:

1. We at citron will help you choose appropriate visa type as per the information provided by you.2. Visa approval and process time is sole discretion of the consulate of embassy, Citron will not be held responsible for any delay or rejection from the embassy for any reason that may include below mentioned and others:
(a). Application form incomplete
(b). Wrong information or excluded fields
(c). Incomplete or unverified supporting documents
(d). Airline tickets found to be not booked
Any additional expense incurred due to the above will be payable by the customer/s
3. On request we can help you book Hotel, Flight Tickets for the destination you wish to travel
4. If not mentioned as a mandatory requirement, we advise booking flight tickets and hotel after your visa is approved and all the procedure associated is completed.
5. Please make sure you have all the documents that are required and specified mandatory before you travel.
6. Most countries may need
atleast 6 months validity on your passport from the travel date you have finalized7. Please make sure you send us all the documents required in a timely manner for the visa process
8. Embassy appointment date is on first come first serve basis. The appointment date may change if we do not have all the required documents in the application as requested.
9. On receiving the
visa Please check all the information mentioned on the visa and inform us. If there is any correct required it needs to update on immediate basis. Failing which citron will not be liable for any issues due to delay10. Any change of travel plans or additional requirement should be informed to us in advance. If not update with change Citron will not accept any liability for the same
11. On completion of
process we will ensure all your original and sensitive documents are carefully returned to you in timely manner12. Processing fees will be charged as per the visa issuing country which may vary from country to country. Services charges will be charged additionally for the visa application assistance from our company
13. You can make payment through
credit, debit card or bank transfer and we ensure you the amount will immediately billed for the requested service on our system14. Visa charges and service fees are subject to change without any prior notice as per the change in process from the embassy
15. Please not visa processing time may vary depending on applied country, embassy appointment time, any change in procedure and documentation delay
16. The embassy associated with country of the visa application will verify and do thorough check on the documents once submitted. To grant or deny visa is sole discretion of embassy, citron does not guarantee to provide approval from our end
17. Any cancellation or rejected visa post submission will not receive a refund amount
18. If you opt to cancel before
submission you may receive upto 50% amount as it does not cover administration, service and bank charges19. For any sudden change in visa policies from
embassy , citron will not be liable for any refund or loss of amount.20. Please update us well in advance and on for any cancellation request
21. There may be change is policies, charges and procedure which will be amended on our website on timely manner. We request all customer to go through the policies time to time before application
22. As per citron tours, we protect customer information and data and it will not be accessible anyone from our system

23. We will maintain the confidentiality of the application and documents provided for the application and shall be used only for the said purpose as per the service request